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Experience Kampala's fastest delivery in the palm of your hand. Order from a variety of quality products and we'll see you in a jiffy!

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Why Xtellar?

We Deliver

Our efficient last-mile delivery system is dedicated to delivering your orders to the doorstep as fast as possible.

Sell from anywhere

With your Xtellar online shop, you can sell your products from anywhere you are.

The money is yours

We provide your customers with a range of payment options so that your money calls your name.

Live Simply. Work Purposefully

Our value proposition ensures that we handle your entire buy and sell process so your business operates smoothly without you lifting a finger.

Business Onboarding

Easy to use business dashboard

Don't spend time building your own e-commerce website. Get a free one with xtellar. Your shop comes fully equipped with:

  • Customization of your business brand
  • Product Catalogue
  • Various payment options
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We'll deliver, so you don't shiver

We deliver

Your customers expect their orders delivered the same day of order placement. That's why we exist with;

  • Efficient last-mile delivery system
  • Order tracking management tools on your dashboard.
  • Deliveries in under 60 minutes for order placements (same city).
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Business Insights

Insights on your fingertips

Xtellar also gives you the tools to analyze engagement and manage your catalogued products, view your earnings, and track your ongoing orders.

  • Product and sales analytics
  • How much is my revenue?
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Feedback from these happy customers helps us in reaching the heights

Joan Gakuwoire


I decided to get myself something so cool, so I checked Xtellar app and looked through all the products, and I found a very cool ice cup. I placed my order and it was delivered to me within a very short period of time. I think you should try it out also.

Get started at a near-zero cost

You don't need bricks and nails. We have buttons you can click.

You get:

  • Free E-commerce website
  • Fastest delivery service
  • Product Management dashboard
  • Digital Payments support
  • Sales and Products analytics

All at just 5% commission on each sale you make. How cool!

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Founder's note

More and more, today’s society is evolving into an online ecosystem. Our life and work are progressively being digitized. With this great move happening before us, the businesses are likely to suffer the most ($421m loss by 2025).

We built Xtellar to make it possible for you to successfully start an online business at a near-zero cost. The best part? It only takes 60 seconds.

Use your time to Live simply and Work purposefully on Xtellar.

Jonathan Bakebwa

CEO, Xtellar Works, Inc.

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